mornings in my own daycare center . daily life photoblogging

i swear, i feel that way sometimes.

the sheer fleet of ride on vehicles suggests a full enrollment at “camp sesame” and still it is not enough to entertain the twins.


but what we have is well loved…even if it is just for a moment.


i get asked a lot how i get it all done in a day…and how i get so many photos of my kids.

as you can see, i had the tv electronic teaching assistant working hard this morning.


but really, the answer is (as i tell my class members) that the camera is never far away.

i don’t think it remembers what the inside of my camera bag looks like.

if it is out, it is easy to pick up and for every shot you see here, there are 40 that we have in the hard drive.

i take the photos and then get back to playing.

that is all the easy part…the taking the photos and the playing etc…

the hard part for me is keeping all the projects i have going

and booking shoots (intern, get an intern)
and finishing requests (again intern, get an intern)
and setting meetings (the twins don’t make good business meeting guests)
and returning emails (i have a lot of emails)
and chasing invoices (seriously, just pay me ok?)
and updating the portfolios (dear agent, i am really working on that one)
and washing and hanging diapers (i know, my fault)
and getting an intern (see above)

those are my weak spots.  everybody has an old chink in the armor…

i was writing everything down in a moleskin datebook, but it was too small to manage the whole family, so i got this awesome new planner from momAgenda…the chocolate brown one and it even says sesame ellis on the front. despite having a blackberry, i still have to record everything first on real paper with a real pen. it is my inner luddite.

but with an IT guy for a husband, the laptops are always open here.

so with a lot of coffee, my new momAgenda planner, some “lippie” as they say hereand of course the D3, i get through the day.

i should get a shot of the contents of my bag. there are actually a few more things not mentioned here. take a photo of your essential daily stuff…i want to see what gets you through the day! link to the shot in the comments or better yet, link to a blog post that you do about your day.

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