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processing photos is a huge time destroyer for any photographer, so why not speed it up a bit with actions in photoshop? processing photos is a double edged sword for me. in one way, i love it…it is my knitting…keeps my hands busy while i watch tv at night. then again, large shoots can take hours to get through. being a perfectionist does not help that. while the christmas rush has a lot of professional photographers slammed with last minute orders and proofing holiday sessions, it can be the time of year for getting a first camera! or upgrading from elements to photoshop for some! no matter what, the holidays mean lots and lots of photographs to edit. some purists will tell you, no actions…that using actions is cheating or trendy or not professional. a big bah-humbug and lighten up to those! i have said it before, but i will say it again…take any opportunity to learn. actions can be a great teaching tool.

you may just be starting out and not know a curve from a level…
you may love the vintage/dreamy look, but don’t know how to begin
you may have trouble getting just the right black and white conversion
you can have any reason you like…

there is nothing wrong with using actions especially when you are a beginning photographer and eager to learn how to get certain effects. the key is to get the very most out of them that you can, so instead of just running them and being done, break them down. look at each step and learn what is done to the photograph in the program. make some minor tweaks to an adjustment layer and see if you like that even better! once you see what is happening, you can try to make your own actions. do you do something to your photographs that you like? do you do it over and over again? make it into an action and cut your editing time down.

getting into the holiday spirit, i am announcing 25% off any and all of my actions and presets!

presets and actions

photos are outtakes from our 2009 holiday (e)card shoot.

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