Country visits are good for the soul…and belly! Also, who knew you could make chocolate mousse with avocados????

We went up (out?) to the country on Monday to celebrate Australian labor (labour?) day with friends..
Ok, not really to celebrate labor (labour?) day, but that is why we were able to go on a weekday! Aussies sure do love a reason to have a public holiday. We get labor day in the states, but heck, Melbourne even takes a day off for a horse race.

It is so peaceful and fun up (out?) at our friends’ gorgeous new home. We drank bubbly and made vegan chocolate mousse out of avocados…no really. Now those who know me well, when you get up off the floor as I am certain you fell off of your chair after reading the word “vegan” on my blog, please RUN over to Katie’s blog to get the recipe. Your kids can help make it and it is delicious.

Melbourne is a bit like Los Angeles in that just an hour drive in any direction brings dramatic change of scenery. OK, maybe I should clarify and say, just a few miles in any direction as traffic in Los Angeles means an hour drive to the grocery store in your own neighborhood. I love living so close to the beach, yet still able to take a day trip to the mountains or country.

 Photo Notes :: I bought Snapseed initially for Gemma to use as an easy photo editing program. I don’t care for Elements and I think that the full version of Photoshop is too complicated for her at age seven. I actually fell in love with the program myself while trying it out. And for just under $20.00, it is a steal. Is it going to replace the system I use now for my work? No, but it is perfect for the mobile shots and Gemma’s photoblogging.  All images in this post were edited only with that program. In addition to standard image fixes, Snapseed features a large range of effects you can customize to taste from “Vintage” to “Grunge” and even “tilt-shift.” There is even a selection of film frames. It is available as a mobile app for Apple products and now as a standalone program for Windows as well. I hope that means it is coming to Android next (and soon.) That with Instagram and my “app-life” would be complete!
I am a BIG fan of the Nik software line as my upcoming post on how Capture NX2 changed my editing forever and for the better will show!  Stay tuned for that one.

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  • karen linnell - great post. going to try Snapseed!March 17, 2012 – 12:37 pmReplyCancel

  • robin t - ugh why does it everything take so long for Android?? I’ve given up on instagram :'(March 17, 2012 – 1:14 pmReplyCancel

    • sesame - Because everyone thinks Apple is “cooler” but I am OK with that. Function over form in my book. 😉March 17, 2012 – 1:31 pmReplyCancel

  • Dina Tagliareni Rosa via Facebook - I am totally trying that recipe, thanks for sharing. Just read about Snapseed yesterday too!March 17, 2012 – 1:14 pmReplyCancel

  • Imene - I love love snapseed. Sometimes I just edit my pictures on it instead of cracking up PS and LR. I’ve been recommending it to my friends when they ask me what to get for picture editing. I played a little bit with Camera bag and I like their filters too.
    I agree with you about Android. My phone is so much more powerful than Apple but everyone wants apple…even me until Instagram comes on Android ;o)March 18, 2012 – 1:43 amReplyCancel

  • María Paula - I kinda wanna live where you live! You’re so close to everything, the beach, the mountains, the country… and everything is so beautiful… Don’t get me wrong, i love my country, i love the mountains here, the south is one of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion, the beaches are gorgeous (when they’re not full of people who leaves their trash all over them), even the country has an i-don’t-know-what that makes it gorgeous… but everything is so far away! Lol.-
    Gorgeous photos, i really love them all! And that tiny program seems to work like a charm, i was wondering what you used to edit them, they look gorgeous 🙂March 19, 2012 – 8:22 amReplyCancel