A message in a folder

While pulling some images for an upcoming appearance on The Circle, I found myself in the old folders that we sent off to Random House last year as we were preparing the final submission of content for Beyond Snapshots. There are quite a few images that never made it into the book due to space issues. Here is one of those photos I had forgotten about and I think it is a gorgeous little message. For the longest time, I had different sayings on the chalkboard to inspire the kids (until an incident with a permanent marker put an end to the daily use of said chalkboard) and this has inspired me to start up that ritual again. Maybe I can make some cool graphics on the computer to print up instead…

What beauty will you create today?

If you are in Australia, the segment on Beyond Snapshots will be on The Circle this Friday the 8th of June. I should be able to get the clip soon after it airs and I will make sure to post a link to that!


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