Tasmania trip part 2 :: Raspberry farm and adventures in children’s imagination behind Freycinet Lodge

As soon as we drove out of quarantine check upon arrival in Tasmania, we were on the road. If you missed that post it was the first in this series, so click to start there.

Christmas-Hills-Raspberry-Farm-CafeA beautiful breakfast had been scheduled for us at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm & Cafe. It was just under an hour’s drive from the dock in Devonport, so with the promise of coffee to fuel me, we headed there. This area at the north of Tasmania has organised a beautiful food and beverage tour filled with nearly two dozen option for you to drive between called the Cradle To Coast Tasting Trail. Our navigation system had a bit of a hard time finding the farm, but it is just off the main road, so easy to see once we got there. What a delicious way to start the trip! I had myself one of the famous raspberry lattes and the kids all had raspberry smoothies. The breakfast menu was big, so I asked them to bring me what they thought was the best thing on the menu. While we no longer eat bacon (I forgot to ask for it not to be included), I did have to admit that it smelled amazing and tasted great. The kids ate my bacon in the end. We were so full and the wonderful staff helped us get orientated to the area. They suggested we try to spot the platypus in their lake, but either we scared it away or the paddy melon that startled the kids did! No platypus spotting for us, but a lovely walk around the grounds before getting back in the car and heading off to see some cheese made! The Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and Cafe is open every day of the week and a place not to be missed on your drive around Tasmania!

Ashgrove-cheeseNot far back up the road towards Devonport is the Ashgrove Cheese. We had a quick look inside for some tasting and watching. The kids were really anxious to get to the Freycinet Lodge where we were to stay that night and I knew it would be a pretty fair way, so we hit the road again.
Tasmania-with-kidsIt was a lovely day for a drive. We had fun admiring the scenery and spotting Tasmanian wildlife. A quick stop in Campbell Town for food, the loo and a run around the park before heading over the hills towards Great Oyster Bay and on to the Freycinet Peninsula. We did stop one more time to stretch our legs and Gemma found that the ground was covered in shells, so we knew we were close. 
Tasmania-with-kidsI am really glad we decided to head right to Freycinet Lodge that day as we only had one night there. As it turns out, it was a goldmine for photography and an excellent spot for the kids to play in nature with just their imagination to entertain them. After dropping our bags off in the unit, we headed down the path behind the lodge and onto Honeymoon Bay. It was deserted and after getting their clothes soaked, the kids changed into bathing suits despite the chill in the air (and in the water) they splashed themselves into exhaustion. I took pictures and just enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves. I was even too tired to cook dinner in the kitchenette, so I just picked up a few delicious meals for us from the Bistro at the lodge and took them back to eat in our cabin.
Tasmania-with-kidsThe accommodation was beautiful. A perfect blend of rustic luxury. There are no televisions in the cabins, but the bath was huge and there was a stereo with beautiful music… So relaxing. With everyone tucked into their beds, we had a great sleep before the day that turned out to be our longest drive. Ever.
Don’t forget, the lodge is in a national forrest so if you drive your own vehicle there, you do have to pay for and display a permit. Here is more information on the National Parks Passes for Tasmania.

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