Still working on it…

Gee was I ever optimistic when I thought I would have the new website design ready to go by Tuesday! It is now Wednesday and while I have just gotten my big girl off to her first high school camp, my old design has not budged. I can see the changes on my end, but it isn’t ready to be released into the world quite yet.

I am laughing at my relentless enthusiasm. Oh well, I know now why I have been putting it off for the last few years. There is so much minutia to check and double check. Each of these little details lead to another discovery and suddenly I am building a completely new page. Frankly, I am not organised enough to control the workflow of redesigning a website. Good thing that isn’t my actual job!

I just want to get back to writing about life and sharing the photographs I am making.

I even missed my posting my own images for my personal #photographinghappiness project this month. The idea that we will be concentrating on for this next month is Light. This will be added to Moments and Perspective to build the skill set of not only taking great pictures, but seeing all the elements that go into meaningful photographs. I guess I need to swap my perspective here and see this not as a failure or delay, but just a part of the always imperfect process!

See you back here soon.


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