First step towards my dream in-home studio involved a paint roller and smelling a bit like cheese…

I have finally written up all my big dreams to customise my home studio. While having to unexpectedly gut and redo our master ensuite has financially set back any plans to renovate downstairs, I decided to begin with the small projects myself. The first order of business was to soften the sunlight that comes in the large west facing windows.

DIY frosted windows with yoghurt
I had considered sheer curtains like the ones I used at home in Los Angeles. They always gave such lovely shooting light. I also thought about translucent adhesive sheets, but just knew I would screw them up during application. I can’t even put a screen protector on my phone without bubbles. Then I remembered the trick my friend Ian taught me while preparing the gallery space for Within The Keep… yoghurt! No really, if you paint a layer of low fat plain yoghurt over the inside of the windows you want frosted, it will dry as if it was painted white with just enough light let through. I used a small fuzzy paint roller. The smooth sponge roller sent more yoghurt splattering all over me than onto the actual glass. You will only smell like cheese for a day at most. When you are ready to see out again, the glass can just be wiped clean.

The glass is a lovely milky white and the illumination is bright and soft. The top image shows you the windows. The bottom shot was taken just a few minutes after the first showing how perfect the light they let through is for portraits. No matter how pretty the light is, Clover still doesn’t like homework.

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