When you stumble onto memory lane…

I have been asked by two clinets from years ago if it was possible to find the files from their sessions. I was doubtful as I have never been known for my cataloging prowess, however, I thought I would dig out the old drives from storage and give it my best shot. Yesterday, I not only found both of the sessions (GO ME!), but an entire folder of baby Gemma that was from a long dead point and shoot camera.
Baby Gemma and her equally baby parents.
I was enraptured with the babyness of it all for at least an hour. I don’t get sad over the passing of time, just something more like wistful. I miss that time, but I don’t pine for it. I am truly happy to be here with the twins who did not even exist then as well as the awesome young lady that baby has grown up to be.

I do think Alec misses his brown hair though.

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