Short term pain for long time peace of mind – get a mammogram.

I’m on the down slope side of my forties and suddenly I am finding the life events my friends and peers are sharing on social media are less joyful. There are fewer new babies and barely any engagements. Too many of my friends are sharing their updates on chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. I have decided to face my fears of pain and “what if” to stay as healthy as I can for the people I love. Yesterday was mammogram day. I will not sugarcoat it for you… Double Ds are painful to squash. Add to the size, very dense tissue and you have secondary angles, additional images and a pretty extensive follow up ultrasound. This morning I feel like my boobs got into a street fight and lost.

But I did it. Official results on Monday, but I didn’t get any indication that there were thing to worry about. So ladies, please look after yourselves. The soreness will fade and leave you with just the peace of mind of either knowing all is fine or that things were caught early.

I’m doing this for me, my family and friends, but also in memory of Rachel. I’m getting off my ass and getting over my fears because of Alix and Jennifer and Sara and Emma and Angela and all of the other strong women I know who are showing me how life is really done.

While we are postponing, life speeds by. – Seneca

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  • Patsy Rowland - You have become such an inspiration to so many and me included. Of course, I have known you for a very long time, but I am so glad I can take this journey with you. Love, Jenn’s MomMarch 31, 2017 – 11:30 pmReplyCancel