Progress report and a video for motivation to upgrade your own downtime.

The scales, the mirror and the waistbands of all my winter clothing are joining forces with my three cups of morning coffee to tell me something. It is time to move again.

I can’t do my best work with a weak body nor a cloudy mind.  I personally find that running builds my strength both physically and mentally and when I return from a run, I am filled with new ideas and motivation for my photography and blogging. Something about the rhythm of the run unlocks inspiration and ambition deep inside my soul.

A few months back, Officeworks tasked me with picking up an old hobby, sticking with it for a two  month period, and then report back on how it has impacted my life by actually making it a priority each week – I chose running with the reason being that I wanted to run like I used to.

I decided that if I do not commit to a program again, track my progress, and have people hold me accountable, it isn’t going to happen. The first time I learned to run, I did it in private – I still like to run alone, but this time I will have you on the virtual sidelines.

So every morning I have been putting my Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker on after my shower and getting started. If I am sedentary during the day, the device buzzes with a simple message, MOVE! Three times a week for at least an hour, I run away from home. At this point it is actually mostly really fast walking. I have made you a little video to get you motivated for your own hobby.


If you can’t run, I am challenging you to pick up a hobby that you have abandoned. The point is to spend our free time doing something good and then reap the benefits, like focussed energy and work/life balance. It is time to upgrade our downtime and that means committing to something that moves your soul.  I have picked up and stopped many hobbies in the past – anyone remember my weaving phase?  Running, however, is one I now wish I made more time for.  With my blog and my kids, I would often use the excuse that I had no ‘time’ to make my hobby a priority in my life, but truth be told I wasn’t making the time for myself.

I have given myself a head start as I started training for this back in March as I needed to build up my stamina. Also, if I did not just start, then I would continue to find excuses. According to the fitness tracker (available from Officeworks), I have clocked up a staggering 80 kilometres already! That is like running from Melbourne to Geelong, and while I am not quite seeing it on the scales, I keep telling myself that muscle weighs more than fat.

A slight head cold sidelined my progress for a week and I must be super careful as I have asthma, so anything that affects breathing is a legitimate reason to stay home. That said, I am convinced that recovery from the cold truly began the morning I put my running shoes on and met a friend in the neighbourhood to get back out there. It might have been half the distance and a bit slower paced than normal, but being outside & heading down to the bay is therapeutic for me. The combination of conversation and fresh air cut through the mental fog and I am back running my business easily today!

Have you taken any steps to upgrade your downtime?

Tell me about rekindling your lost love of something or the new hobby you have discovered. I want to hear what is making light in your life right now!

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