We have the winter flu(s)

I thought about getting a flu shot this year and once again I dismissed it because I did not see the need. Why take a few minutes out of one day to get a shot that would hurt for another few minutes? I mean think of all that wasted time and pain!


Well, here I am a week into the flu and I am regretting my choice now. Big time. Talk about wasted time and pain… The first few days I was too sick to even distract myself with the internet on my phone! All I could do was stare at the ceiling and marvel at how the human brain can process feeling pain in so many different parts of the body simultaneously.

It all started a few days before that when Kieran woke many times in the night with what I thought was an overreaction to a developing cold. The next day he spent attempting to melt into the couch while his fever rose. Since Kieran feels things a bit more, um, strongly, than most people, I still did not realise how bad it actually was until I got hit with it. This was no regular cold. And with the flu, there is no “developing” as it just shows up and takes over. I went from totally fine to spiking a high fever and asking Alec if he knew my final wishes in about the space of 15 minutes. Clover was third in line to receive this winter wonder and here we all are a few years days later still housebound and trying not to strangle each other. Just when I think we must certainly be on the mend, a new symptom reveals itself like the features on the latest smart phone release. Flu 6s with bone pain? Wait for the 7 with the wicked cough or 7s with diarrhoea tomorrow. Never mind, you get them ALL! It is almost like Christmas around here if Christmas were hell and Santa was satan.

I am so over being sick and tired. This week has been a complete write-off so if I owe you an email or photos or something else, it is probably going to be next week before you hear from me. It is hard to rebound when you are existing on Panadol and popsicles.

And next year, I am getting a flu shot.

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