Today was a treat.

Relishing the sunshine despite the lingering chill.

And buying sweets with pocket money.

Picking up new-to-us books from a friend and dropping the boy at home to finish reading them before dinner.

Taking a long slow walk with two of my girls. Where we ended up at the sea. Noticing simple beauty on the walk home and expressing gratitude for our day.

Not worried about making the best images, but simply saving the happiness we found for right now.

And helping Clover to create an entire story around one photograph… She decided this was an orphanage at one time. I thought like Madeleine’s house, but for little surfer girls. What could you imagine if you stop and looked at the places you pass daily? This is a great exercise to do with your kids to help them be a part of your photographic journey instead of merely the subject…

Go out and take a photo of something that catches your eye. It could be a house or a tree or even a stranger on the city street and then make up a story around that photograph.

I would love to see and read what you come up with!

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