Colour Catcher laundry aid. A product review and giveaway.

by sesame on November 25, 2013

Colour Catcher Laundry Aid

I have been sent a cool little product, Colour Catcher, to review on the blog. 

I admit. I am a bit of a laundry nut. I love the whole process of sorting and cleaning. Usually I will be extremely diligent and save up clothes of specific colours until I have enough to do a load. When I am not so busy, that works for me. Lately life has taken over and suddenly, and impossible for me to believe, I have piles of dirty laundry waiting to be washed and equal size piles of clean laundry to be folded. They are both taller than I am and I no longer have time to be OCD. 

The twins need clothes so that means washing Clover’s primarily pink wardrobe together with Kieran’s shades of blue and black. The school uniform is red and green, so I have no choice but to mix those. And socks. Neon, white, black, red, light pink… just so many SOCKS. There is always one of the wrong colour sneaking into each load I wash. Socks and I have always had an adversarial relationship.

Colour Catcher Laundry Aid

What is Colour Catcher? Colour Catcher is a laundry aid. A white sheet that you add to your wash to collect the rogue dyes that run and cause all of your other clothes to either be stained or turn dingy and drab. The sheet works without any nasty chemicals so it is safe for any fabrics! 

Colour Catcher Laundry Aid

My experience: I have had a chance to run many loads of washing now with these Colour Catcher sheets. In fact, the dirty pile is only up to my waist now! I dove right into the challenge with towels. We have these lovely Marimekko sets, but they are RED! It doesn’t make sense to wait for just a red wash, but I have always been scared to wash them with anything but darks. I figured that this was my moment, so I loaded the machine with the Colour Catcher sheet and then mixed the RED! towels with some green, purple and tan ones. I crossed my fingers and pressed start. At the end of the wash I was surprised and happy to fish out a red stained Colour Catcher sheet and bright clean non stained towels! Impressed, I decided to wash my running clothes next. Those neons always give me grief, but that sheet came out as white as it went in. Running fabric is quite colour safe already! A few other washes in and I found that if you add 2 or three extra Colour Catcher sheets to a mixed load with jeans, you will get the best results. The biggest surprise was the that the off-white clothes I put in with the whites actually gave off colour! I had no idea! The colour catcher sheet did its job and came out of that wash distinctly beige.  Those whites were gleaming. I thought I would see the most dramatic results with the darker loads, but it was my normal “lights” that really benefitted from this little gem of a product.

Colour Catcher Laundry Aid

After catching up on the regular backlog of washing, I remembered my dirty little secret in the bottom of our laundry cabinet. See, there was this one time that Alec went to Aldi* and came home with a doona cover. A red and tan doona cover. *To be fair, my darling husband always does the grocery shopping because I am hopeless. HOPE. LESS. Grocery stores confuse me because CANDY! So let’s just forgive him for the doona cover and forgive me for throwing him under the bus by sharing the story. Carry on.

You know how you are supposed to wash new fabric before sew with it? Pretty sure the manufacturers of this comforter cover skipped that step. The first time I washed it the colour stripes just sort of bled into each other. I now think of it as the doona of doom and had just shoved it into the back of the bottom-most section of the laundry chute where things like that live while I figure out what to do. Hopefully that means just forgetting they are even there. 
Well, the doona of doom got a washing and the Colour Catchers got a workout soaking up all that red and now that doona cover is folded neatly in the “to donate to the op shop” box. I should donate a box of Colour Cather to go with it!!!!


I enjoy my OCD washing sorting when I have the time. It is zen and the art of laundry maintenance for me, but for those tricky loads where there is nothing you can do to avoid mixing colours, this is a great product! Colour Catcher is an easy to use and excellent addition to your laundry arsenal.

Click here to find a store near you that carries Colour Catcher!

I have ten packs of Colour Catcher to give away! Got a funny laundry horror story to share? Ever sent your husband to the grocery store only to have him return with a really bad doona cover? Have you got a bright red sock that that thinks it is a comedian and hides in every white load? (T&C)

Hit me with your best laundry tale in the comments to be in the running for one of these ten boxes of Colour Catcher!

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    Jane November 25, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    This is not a colour horror story but still… I once washed my daughter’s pale blue cashmere sweater on gentle, on cold, in a laundry bag (which usually does the trick for delicates). When it emerged, it had become a cropped sweater with 3/4 sleeves. My solution? Put it straight on my MUCH larger boy child and have him gently stretch it back to a size his little sister could wear. No success, unfortunately, but it provided me with a great deal of amusement.


    Rachel November 26, 2013 at 7:50 am

    My husband bought himself some nice new gym kit as a motivator keep up his running regime. He purchased a Nike lightweight top in white with a red stripe around both shoulders, as well as some black shorts. I washed all the kit according to instructions. I put the top in with my whites. I was a bit cautious about the red on the sleeves, but thought surely they would be colourfast due to the type of material and the fact Nike had sewn them together in the first place. Well, everything else in the white wash came out fine, apart from the new running shirt which was a lovely shade of baby pink. Even after many washes it still has a tinge of pink (a year later) and I wear it to aerobics! I definitely could have done with some Colour Catcher!


    Michelle O December 1, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    I need me some of these catching thingies Rachel – had never heard of them before your post, but now will be on the look out!
    A story: many years ago, being a typical Aussie girl, I headed to London on a holiday and was dossing on a friend’s floor for a couple of weeks. After she went to work one day I thought I’d be useful and put a load of washing through her TOP LOADER. This was a new concept to me, and so when I found the usual stray sock I yanked the washer door open to throw it in. Door broke (and stayed closed), half wet washing sat there for a week until a repairman could come and fix it! I was not a good backpacking friend!


    Michelle V December 3, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    I hate it when tissues are left in the pockets and then get put through the wash!
    The mess is terrible and such a hassle to re-wash all the clothes!!


    Kim m December 4, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    I turned my son’s tae kwon do suit pink nce!


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