the baby girl . ttv style

still waiting on film, so still playing this way.  also waiting for the digital back fairy, but i have heard she does not exist.

i think i need to make a better contraption for shading the viewing screen and i have to settle on which lens for the d3 works best.  it will all be a bit of trial and error and i apologize in advance for subjecting you to my experiments.

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  • Cheryl - Love seeing your experiments. I have to build a better contraption for mine, too. Great fun! February 5, 2010 – 12:06 amReplyCancel

  • Kim - I use a 60mm macro when shooting ttv with my D3. seem to be the easiest to focus with.February 4, 2010 – 7:18 pmReplyCancel

  • izabela - the only lens that I have used with TTV is a macro.. February 5, 2010 – 12:45 amReplyCancel

    • sesameellis - I have 3 macro lenses, so I am playing with each to see which is the best for my setup. February 5, 2010 – 12:57 amReplyCancel

  • angela(jhscrapmom) - this is awesome watching you experiment this way. my girlfriend uses her 50 when she does this and the results are good…
    i kinda like the quirky results you are getting, btw;) – just adds more character to the shots ( not like any of your kids NEEEDS more character;)). February 5, 2010 – 4:12 amReplyCancel

  • @dawnk777 - Still cute pictures, no matter how you are getting them! I like that she is distracted by something and not looking right at you. February 5, 2010 – 4:32 amReplyCancel

  • Erich - She only comes to those who believe in her. February 5, 2010 – 4:57 amReplyCancel

  • Monserratt - Your experiments look great &she is beautiful!! 🙂 February 5, 2010 – 9:20 amReplyCancel