Start where you are and look for the happiness.

Let’s notice happiness in 2017 and celebrate finding it with photographs. You can’t always be happy and I am not suggesting there will not be dark days. I believe that by simply stopping to record beautiful moments in our otherwise ordinary lives we can develop a habit of positivity. Similar to my daughter, Clover, who fills her pockets with things most would consider trash, allow yourself to visually collect whatever you treasure. 

Every 12th of the next twelve months, let’s empty our virtual pockets and share (up to) twelve of our photographs of happiness with each other. The first theme is “Beginnings” and you are free to interpret that in any way you see… It might be a sunrise, life firsts, or doorways, seedlings or even the colour red as it begins the rainbow. 

Begin by taking a camera with you everywhere and get into the habit of taking pictures of life happening. We will refine as we go along and learn more techniques, but you aren’t going to take any pictures if your camera is at home alone. Start now with this one important task. Remember, your phone probably has a camera, use that, but if you have a camera at home that you really only pull out for special occasions, I am encouraging you to consider life special.

Our first photographic theory will be The Decisive Moment. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a photographer made famous for his street photography in the mid twentieth century, capturing candid life at exactly the right moment -combining recognition of the importance of an event with perfect compositions. This pivotal placement of subject and other elements in the frame make his still imagery come alive. It is really a story in one frame. I am not expecting perfection by bringing this up. What I want to inspire with mentioning this photography concept first is a real contemplation of what events hold importance for you. It will be different for each of us. I also want to challenge you to narrow down your shots to the ones that really capture a chapter of your own story in one picture as well as purposeful framing (less point and pray!)

Join me in the Facebook group that I have set up for the project where we can talk about what this all means to each of us, share our images and discuss in more detail, the different techniques and theories each month. That group is where most of the conversations will take place and where I will offer insights and instructions. Each month I will blog my shots as well as links and the focus for the following month. I look forward to seeing you begin this photography journey when you post images on January the 12th and don’t forget to use #photographinghappiness tag when you share your shots!

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