Raising Adventurers With Purposeful Activities 

This morning was the first attempt at homework for the third graders. While not too challenging, the options had Clover in tears. She is quite used to following a set of instructions and completing a task. The kid loves a good workbook. However, these homework items were a bit more broad and open. The instructions require the kids to dig a little deeper and think about how they would approach the task and not just how to follow rules. Knowing how much pure enjoyment Clover finds in her copy of Wreck This Journal, I dug out another of Keri Smith‘s amazingly creative books called How To Be An Explorer Of The World. I also had some blank notebooks that I thought might be perfect as little field journals for the twin adventurers. As the assignment the twins had picked was one that asked them to create a short piece of creative writing around an object they had found in nature, we decided a treasure hunt in the neighbourhood with the newly made field journals was in order. Before we left, we practiced how to be really purposeful observers by making a list of ten things we had not noticed right where we were. From scents to how the couch felt, we were trying to look with more than just our eyes.

We were quite successful on our adventure walk as well with interesting bark that felt like soft leather, vibrant butter coloured moss on only one tree, a branch of flowers bursting free of its fence and tiny roses that smelled delightful despite their shabby appearance. The winners though were crazy long green pods which hung off a bush and smelled like snap peas when split open. 

We finished our walk at the ultimate treasure spot, the op shop. Flush with pocket money, the twins came home with six books, two model airplanes and one stuffed pink penguin for $16.00 total. We even got some maths in on the walk home as they tallied the price tags and split their bill.

I remember third grade being a revolutionary time for Gemma and I can already imagine this will be a heck of a year for the twins as well.

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