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Making the Bupa Family Challenge Gratitude Chatterbox

I love January and all it represents as the month of beginnings. While I don’t make resolutions, I enjoy taking on projects. While some naturally develop during the year, it is usually in January when I begin the majority of them. I have projects for my photography and some for my writing and even personal fitness projects. In 2018, I also decided that we need one as a family. With the kids getting older and both my husband and myself now working at home, this summer holiday period has been an entirely new dynamic of togetherness to say the least for our particular family. We are now on top of each other all the time. That might work perfectly for some, but here there are three of us who need daily alone time, one who is addicted to cuddles and another always begging for someone to play with. If we were going to make this daily closeness work (and my husband and I still get actual work done), I felt we could really benefit from an easy guided experience and that is exactly what we found in the Bupa Family Challenge.

Let me share how it is working for us and you might be able to see how it can easily slot into your life with the 8 weekly challenges delivered by email. After simply signing up for free here, you are good to go. You can choose to enter your results and be in the running for some great prizes or as we have done, just embrace the inherent win of better quality family time that you get from participation!

I opened the first email and realised that week one saw the most challenging challenge for us as a family. The Bupa Family Challenge opens with a call to offer up what each person was most grateful for daily at the evening mealtime for a week. Now none of us have a hard time expressing our gratitude for even the most simple things in life. Nor do any of us have an issue with talking about ourselves. The problem for me and one of my children is that we actively can’t stand the sound of people eating or speaking with their mouths full. It is not readily recognised yet, but there is an anxiety inducing condition called Misophonia and Gemma and I have it. Often it means that she and I eat away from the family table for no other reason than we have had a stressful day and the sounds are just too overwhelming. Mostly, we are just that family that have the TV on during dinner. There was no way I was going to encourage a quieting of the background noise and talking at meal time.

Then it hit me, that is not what this challenge is about. The challenge is about bringing families together in the ways that work for them with some new ideas thrown in to encourage more quality time. It is about what works for all different sorts of families.

We are closest as a family after the meal is over and before bedtime. That is when we would be the most open and we could not only share, but receive the words of gratitude expressed. I think it is most important to not only speak your moments of thankfulness, but for other family members to really soak it up and ponder how those same little moments touch their day.

Sharing gratitude will not stop with the week. For our family, gratitude is grounding and I am committed to making this the year we are certain to express our joy at the little moments, pleasures and privileges in life. From our good health to education and even just cuddling the dog, I want to be a family that acknowledges all the little moments that matter. “Little Moments and Less Stuff” is kind of our family motto for the year.

Bupa Australia Family Challenge


I don’t want to give away the entire 8 week challenge as you can get started anytime, but just know that each weekly email has so much included to make this easy and enjoyable for your whole family, however it differs from mine and others. From conversation starters with downloadable Team Talk cards to quick inspirational videos and well researched articles on common family issues, the Bupa Family Challenge provides insightful framework for your family to work even better than it already does.

I look forward to see the #littlemomentsbyBupa that you share on social media. Maybe I will see that there are other families out there as quirky as mine.

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