Winter is coming and I feel it in my bones.

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The blog has been quiet. I can feel the gloom of winter creeping into all aspects of my life. I am going to begin my search for a proper SAD light therapy lamp and hopefully that will help. It has also been a rough time for Clover lately with her pain coming back after a few months hiatus. I have some clues as to what sent her that reprieve and so now it is time to get a new doctor who will take all her history and blood work and actually look for the darn zebras.

With a new business launched last month by my husband and one for me this week, it is this blog that gets the least care. Well, this blog and the thick layer of dust on every surface of my house. Thanks for sticking around. We are getting more settled now into our current incarnation of busy and I will be back here more often.

As the feelings of overwhelm come to the surface, my inspiration sinks taking my creativity with it. I have been trying to reverse it all by reading as much as I can. I stop by the op shop as well as The Little Free Library in my neighbourhood at least once a week to top up my supply of reading materials. Hooked from the sample I had downloaded, I even broke down and added my bookclub’s selection (The Family Next Door) to my Kindle last night. So from poetry to business management, inspirational to quick fiction, I am going to read myself right out of this little slump.

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How do you get yourself out of the hole?

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