Let’s play a little word game…

When you hear the term “cricketer” do you think Man or Woman?
Most of you probably said “Man” and that is because for a very long time cricket was thought of as a sport for men. It is actually referred to as The Gentleman’s Sport. And to be fair, it has been predominately played by men. But it is 2018 and women are playing the game. They have actually been playing cricket for a long time… Like since the 1700’s.

Believe it or not, the history of female participation in cricket  in Australia is long. The Victorian Women’s Cricket Association was founded in 1905 and the first Women’s Test match was played right here in Australia between England and Australia in 1934. Today, women from around the world are absolutely killing it on the cricket pitch and it is exciting to watch. Personally, I can’t wait to watch AUS v NZ on September 29th!

But back to the word game. In celebration of the hundreds of years that women have been playing the sport, can we please finally add the term BATTER to the existing lexicon of cricket positions of Bowler, Fielder, Wicket Keeper and simply, Cricketer. I am certain there will be many who will go to their graves clinging to that old “batsman” relic, but they are not my concern. I am looking forward to the future and the future is inclusive of female players.

Inclusive language is not used to erase men from the sport. Inclusive language simply shows all people they are welcome to play. Inclusive language broadens where other words narrow. Inclusive language takes things forward, it does not hold back. It is a simple and powerful change that reflects acceptance and the spirit of the game.

It is 2018, female cricketers are here to stay and cricket is a sport for all, so using inclusive language isn’t politically correct, it is just correct.

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