Still a cricket mum, but less unlikely by the minute.

Earlier in the month during the representative cricket carnival, Fox Cricket along with Cricket Australia filmed a little footage and put together a piece about what I do as The Unlikely Cricket Mum.

Who would have guessed?

It is a quick little look into the role of any cricket parent really. The grassroots of cricket is run on volunteers and I represent just one of the many people who make these games possible for the girls to play.

It is towards the end of the video that I feel my personal “why” comes through clearly. For me, this is not just about my daughter. My goal is to make things easier for her, yes, but as one of a team of girls and parents and fans as well. To make it easier to play, to enjoy, to learn about and to celebrate cricket.

In fact, one of our personal house rules is “Make it easier for someone else.” I hope that is the case with what I do and will do in the future here as The Unlikely Cricket Mum. I strive to make it easier for girls to keep playing the sport they love.

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